Tuesday, May 17, 2005


I allow disagreement with me in the comments and have kept comments here posted by people who have some real strong disagreements with me. That is part of a healthy debate. I will not allow though attacks and name calling in the comments.

Just so you know.


Orange Ukraine said...

My warmest sympathies on the comments. I've had a few trolls come through myself. John over at Postmodern clog always said "it's your blog, if they want to badmouth someone, they can do it on their own blog and see if anyone reads it."

Good advice.

Also, to set the record straight: you have me at orangeukraine.squarepants.com, instead of orangeukraine.squarespace.com in your links.

I just want to say I have no connection with the children's television show with the talking sponge and his starfish buddy.

just so you know. :)

Scott W. Clark said...

Man, that's funny. It must have come from the deep recesses of my subconcious. HAd to be very deep because I know nothing about the children's television show.

Anyway, I changed it Dan.

Thanks for the note.