Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Being serenaded

I am sitting here going through my emails and am listening to a man singing somewhere outside. He is playing an accordion-like instrument--can't remember the word for it--and singing an old Ukrainian folk song. I could just as well be in some village sitting at some table listening to the talk and the singing. But I'm connected up here to the Internet with my laptop--all high tech--and this guy is singing outside our window.

There is something kind of nice and quaint about it. Couldn't happen in the US.

UPDATE 6/27: My wife informs me that it was a baiyan. She says that most people would call it a harmoshka, as King called it in the comments, but it is technically a baiyan, a larger instrument.


King said...

I'd guess it's a harmoshka.

Anonymous said...

A concertina perhaps?

Anonymous said...

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