Thursday, July 28, 2005

Local administrative measures

More administrative measures from government--Kyiv Weekly.

The purchasing price of milk in the Sumy oblast has been falling since the middle of spring. Milk processing plants offered local farmers Hr 0.80 and sometimes even Hr 0.75 for a liter of milk. Such an understated price clearly irritaated dairy farmers, who a month ago tried getting the attention of the government by writing several letters of petition.

When they did not receive a response from Kyiv, dairy farmers from several counties of the oblast refused to sell milk to the processing plants. The provincial government detected such cases in the Nedryhailiv, Romny, Sumy and Krasnopillya counties.

Deputy Governor of the Sumy Oblast Volodymyr Sapsai told KW that “unorganized milk strikes” had broken out in several other counties of the oblast. Meanwhile, the governor of the oblast briefed the Ukrainian president on the situation during the latter’s visit to the region and requested that he take measures to prevent potentially uncontrollable processes from breaking out in the villages.”

On its part, the provincial government recommended milk processing plants to raise
their purchasing price to Hr 1 per liter of milk. The Head of the Oblast Department on for Issues in the Processing Industry Hryhoriy Nehreba stressed in conversation with a KW journalist: “This price takes into account the interests of producers as well. Besides that, the Ministry of Agricultural Policy recommends processors to purchase milk for Hr 1.2 per liter.”

This is no doubt traceable to Kiev. More of the same.