Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Yushchenko to Stay Out of 2006 Vote

This interesting--Yushchenko to Stay Out of 2006 Vote--not so much for the fact that Yuschenko will stay out of the elections--I don't know what that means practically--but for the change in the poll numbers for the Our Ukraine party. A week or so ago, they were trailing Tymoshenko's party by about the same difference that they now lead. Maybe some of the successes are starting to make headway with the voters.

The Party of Yanukovych leads and they are blitzing the radio with political ads. (We have only heard the ones on the radio. Don't know if they have been doing the same thing on TV.) Their message is that things were better when we were in charge. That has a lot of traction now because of the economy and because there has been no effective rebuttal. But if, hopefully, when the pro-government parties get into gear, pasting Yanukovych's picture on the screen in any number of ways and linking him back with the thuggery that he was responsible for would be an effective response. I don't know why they haven't done it now except that maybe they are still canvassing who will be in what coalition and who will agree to do what in support. But they have to get moving on this.

Any increase in support that Yanukovych has is because there has been no effective response. As a matter of fact, there hasn't been any kind of response. The enemies have all been in the family, it seems like, and all the plotting and strategy has been directed against them. This has allowed a resurgence in support of Yanukovych's party.

So what gives? Is he a joke or isn't he as I have said? The answer is still yes but anything more said on this will have to wait.


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Scott W. Clark said...

Thank you. My wife is at home and better, thank you.