Sunday, December 10, 2006

Commies shaking the pram*

The Communist Party of Ukraine , whose 21 deputies form a vital part of the ruling Anti-crisis-coalition, are beginning to throw their rattles out of the ACC pram.

Apparently today at a pleniary party session, a heated discussion took place about 'the situation in Ukraine, and relations inside the ACC."

A Crimean VR deputy, Leonid Drach, complained that undertakings which were given to them are not being adhered to, for example the Socialists voting in support of the Holodomor bill.

He claimed that PoR are not fulfilling agreements made about 'cadre questions' in Crimea and other regions. "The further development of such processes in untolerable," he said, adding, "If these mistakes are not corrected then the KPU retains the right to leave the coalition." Ooooh.

*Pram - perambulator - baby carriage

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