Friday, June 22, 2007

Latest O.P.

Latest O.P. from 'Segodnya'
Yellow is June, green is May.
Only 28% of Ukrainians think that the early elections will solve the current political crisis. The majority think otherwise.
These numbers explain why there is much behind-the-scenes talk of an PoR-NU coalition - the only one which would provide some stability.


Anonymous said...

I simply do not understand all of this talk about "stability."

To me, it's a code word for "let's not upset the oligarchs, let's keep everything the same, let's continue to have the same old sewer of a government we have now, let's continue to let people like Firtash'a stepson speed in their BMW's and kill people for a fine of a mere 34 hryvnias."

I hope that people in Ukraine will finally listen to Tymoshenko and Lutsenko and climb out of the sewer.

Why did Stanik's mom get $12 million?

Why doesn't everyone in Ukraine get $12 million?

Why aren't the deputies in the zRada willing to give up total immunity? Because even they don't trust the government - they're in it, and they know exactly what they themselves are like!

Anonymous said...

Good to see the Socialists dropping even further, regardless of their shameful publicity stunts.

From the figures it looks like PoR won't have a majority? So that's either Communists or Our Ukraine for them.

The Communist's stubborn hand will be pretty strong if they're king-maker, so I'd say the chances of PoR being forced into a coalition with a Democratic party is increased. Maybe not all bad news afterall