Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Poroshenko speaks

Today former Nasha Ukraina 'big beast' Petro Poroshenko was interviewed on Radio Svoboda, by his former Channel 5 employee Roman Skrypin. Some of the exchanges are interesting..

Question - Do you consider, Petro Oleksiyovych, that something or someone could prevent Yuliya Volodymyrivna becoming Premier?

Answer - I believe that today the coalition [is endangered by] a huge number of threats. When talking of its likelyhood, I would say 50-50. I would not get carried away by illusory hopes that everything will turn out well. This does not mean that I wish this, though. But it does mean, that I am very lucky that today the responsibility for creating or not creating the coalition is carried by politicians [and not by me].

In the interview he claims that since the elections he has had 8 or 10 meetings with Tymoshenko, at her request, and praises her for conducting her campaign in a brilliant manner. He also claims that he was asked both by Tymoshenko and by Yanukovych to serve in their cabinets.

Poroshenko, one of the infamous 'lyubi druzhi' was a member of Yushchenko's inner circle during the orange revolution. His constant squabbling with Tymoshenko, when she was PM and he was head of the National Security and Defence Council after the orange revolution, caused Yushchenko to sack Poroshenko and the entire Tymoshenko cabinet.

He was not on the NUNS election list, so will not be entering the newly elected VR. He is currently head of the National Bank of Ukraine council, which is, according to the constitution, a non political position.

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Anonymous said...

viva Foreign Notes!!!

I like those odds!


Anonymous said...

Looking good for your age! Happy one thousandth! Major congratulations!

and anytime I get huffy and puffy at Poroshenko I enter into the mantra ("5 kanal and chocolate" - what's not to love?) :))))

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! The interviewer interrupted the interviewee numerous times over and over! Even talked over the guy. Like or dislike should not matter but professionalism and should be the rule. What kind of journalism is this? Ridiculous, why didn't he just pull out a cattleprod?