Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Tymoshenko to disrupt VAT gravy train?

A big reason why PoR and its businessmen sponsors will do all they can to prevent Tymoshenko becoming PM was highlighted in an article in 'Ekonomicheskiye Izvyestiya' several days ago. The newspaper claims the first legislative initiative of a Tymoshenko-led government would be to sort out the Value Added Tax system and ensure that it is applied in a different manner, so that dubious tax credits and suspicious rebates are eliminated. Hardest hit by such a scheme would be the large export-orientated enterprises - many of which are located in PoR strongholds.

VAT fraud has been a constant problem for Ukraine. The mastermind allegedly behind some of the most serious VAT payment shortfalls is none other than hoary first deputy Prime minister and Finance Minister Mykola Azarov...


Good background on Boris Penchuk's astonishing volte-face [see previous blog] is provided [in English] in 'Dzerkalo Tyzhnya'.

Their article suggests that Kolesnikov was arrested in April 2005 shortly after he had refused to "give away his shares in Rinat Akhmetov’s enterprises" to..Petro Poroshenko, one of Yushchenko's 'dear friends' and head of the National Security and Defence Council at that time.

Incidentally, some photos of Poroshenko's almost completed 'muck heap' here

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