Saturday, April 12, 2008

Pres miffed again at BYuT

Head of the "Yedynyi Tsentr" party, Ihor Kril [who, with head of Presidential secretariat Viktor Baloha, is associated with a possible new political initiative based around President Yushchenko], has accused BYuT of co-operating with PoR and of threatening the existence of the coalition of democratic forces.

Kril claims he had received information from a BYuTivets that BYuT will be unanimously supporting PoR 'attack dog' and former 'Kuchmivets' Nestor Shufrich for first deputy parliamentary speaker. According to Kril, the whole country will receive an example of BYuT voting with PoR, "which will bear witness to the fact of close co-operation between the 'hearts' and the team that created lawlessness in the late Kuchma period. The lobbying by BYuT of Shufrich will be vividly confirmed - he is an activist widely known as the linkman between Tymoshenko and Medvedchuk."

Kril also accused BYuT of co-operating with PoR in forming a special parliamentary constitutional commission to look into President Yushchenko's proposed constitutional changes. "This cynical consipiracy between BYuT and PoR can be considered as nothing else than an open and demonstrative betrayal, a deception of the electorate, and a denial of democratic views." [The special constitutional commission comprises 29 deputies - 11 from PoR and 10 from BYuT. So it is not unreasonable to consider there will be a built-in majority against any Presidential initiatives to expand his powers.]

And a member of the VR BYuT fraction has responded to deputy head of President's secretariat, Ihor Pukshin's allegations that representatives from BYuT had proposed to him early Kyiv elections be scrapped. He called Pushkin's statements 'hysteria', and countered by claiming it was the President's secretariat that has sent lawyers to court to determine the legitimacy of parliamentary resolution on early mayoral elections for Kyiv.

LEvko recalls that after the orange revolution it was always the President that toyed with the idea of forming a grand coalition with PoR, leaving BYuT on the doorstep. Now BYuT and PoR are sniffing each anothers' ****, the Pres doesn't like it.

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