Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Semenyuk at sea

Last Thursday a vote was to take place in parliament to relieve head of the Ukrainian State Property Fund, Valentyna Semenyuk, of her duties. Voting did not occur because she was out of the country. Parliamentary speaker Arseniy Yatsenyuk informed deputies that she was undergoing urgent medical tests abroad.
Now "seriously ill' Semenyuk [see photo] has been spotted in a swanky Turkish seaside resort living it up with her hubby of six months, Vitaliy Samsonenko.

LEvko thinks she should be quite safe swimming in the sea because there is a whaling ban in the Mediterranean.


Anonymous said...

Thank god for that. But what about the whales that have beached themselves, and are slowly suffocating by the weight of their own bladder. Surely someone should help drag them back out to sea.

elmer said...

well, the whale did an interview on Channel 5 (5 kanal).

In her 20 minute interview, she explained that:

1) her health was just great, because she had learned how to take care of herself

2) she had planned to go see her long-time doctor in Germany, but the doctor came from German to Ukraine (the "political elite" in Ukraine can never seem to find any doctors in Ukraine, and always go out of the country)

3) the reason she went to Turkey was because she had toiled tirelessly in the vineyards of government for about 9 years, and begged President Yushchenko for permission to take a vacation

4) she does not want to make any comments about the Vanco Energy/Vanco Prykerchenska deal, but it is the ministers who made the deal, and Ukraine will be sued, not Tymoshenko (she failed to mention that Akhmetov, her buddy, is on both sides of the deal, as part of Ukrainian government, and as beneficiary of the deal that mysteriously got transferred to Vanco Prykerchenska British Virgin Island, from Vanco Energy Houston, Texas)

4) sovok-style, she launced into a long list of all the privatizations that she had handled, implying a tremendous amount of work on her part

5) she opined that privatizations ought to be handled effectively and efficiently (earth-shattering and groundbreaking news, eh?)

6) blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah

In other words, 20 minutes of wasted air time.

How these people can live with themselves, I don't know.

Well, yes I do - they're sovoks.

Say one thing, do another, and think a third.