Sunday, January 11, 2009

No gas yet

Putin in TV interview, just posted on 'Russia Today' [in English] says that he did what he did [i.e. stopped all gas deliveries - both to Ukraine and via Ukraine] for the benefit of European consumers. Very reassuring I'm sure, for the poor folks sitting in unheated apartments, hospitals and schools in Eastern Europe.

The RT clip describes some goalpost-moving [see previous blogs] taking place already - President Medvedev has called recently-signed agreements invalid because bits have been added by the Ukrainian side.

When will this childish silliness end?

Putin says that Gazprom has lost $800 million so far because of the dispute.

'Sam ne ham, i tobi ne dam', as my granny used to say.


Anonymous said...

We all no who runs Russia, but since when did Putin run Gazprom and have the power to turn off the taps?

elmer said...

The "bits that were added" was a handwritten note saying the Ukraine did not steal gas.

It did not alter the terms of the EU monitoring agrement one iota.

But, rooskie sovoks are looking for any excuse whatsoever to NOT do a deal.

Remember Georgia?

Remember the treaty with Sarkozy?

Remember how roosha simply blew it off, because they "interpreted" things "differently"?

rooskie sovoks do not know how to be human beings.

After all, they killed people "for their own good."

Anonymous said...

In the long run hopefully this latest crisis which has been at least three years in the making will show Ukraine that the way it is acting is not the way to do business. Conflicts and disagreements with Ukraine's internal gas consumption and supply should not compromise supply of Russian gas to European states. All that Ukraine has achieved is to further undermine and bring into questions its reliability as a gas transit country.

Russia today follow up link

Anonymous said...

Hope for resolution as Europe places Ukraine under pressure to resolve conflict and to allow Russian gas to flow unipediate through Ukraine.

Russia today update report

elmer said...

I am asking this question all over because I think it's an excellent question, and I saw it at LR.

What gives roosha/Gazprom the contractual right to simply completely cut deliveries to Europe if it has a dispute with Ukraine?

Even if roosha thinks Ukraine is "stealing" gas?

Seems to me the remedy would be to sue Ukraine for the amount of gas that roosha claims is "stolen", rather than to completely cut deliveries to Europe.