Wednesday, March 04, 2009

BYuT's reaction to Naftohaz shakedown

BYuT's official website have posted the following today, which I've loosely translated below:

Prime minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko, speaking to the journalists during a working visit to France today, said she was convinced, that the goings-on at Naftohaz, [more on this here] are solely about the removal of 11 Bn cubic meters of natural gas belonging to Ukraine by RosUkrEnerho.

"If anyone thinks that it is a fight between personalities, [I can tell them] it is [merely] a banal fight by a corrupt group for money which do not belonged to them - and no fight of personalities is taking place here", she said.

Tymoshenko is convinced that the SBU [security service of Ukraine] could not act so brutally or cynically without direct signals from the President of Ukraine. In her words, it is clear that this is a battle over [the ownership of] 11 Bn cubic meters of gas which today belong to Ukraine: "The shadowy RUE corporation wants to get hold of these 11Bn cubic metres, but the government will not permit this, and I, as PM, will give a painful slap across the wrists to those who have their eyes on state property."

p.s. An excellent write-up about what the Naftohaz shakedown is really about here

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