Thursday, April 22, 2010

Killers on the road

Ukraine's ruling elites continue to massacre innocent road users in high-speed "accidents".

Yesterday morning the killer was the driver of a vehicle escorting president Yanukovych during his regular maniacal dash through closed-off roads in Kyiv.

I posted about the regular carnage on Ukraine's roads last November:

"In 2007 there were 9921 road traffic fatalities reported in Ukraine, 56% of which were pedestrians. So, over five and half thousand pedestrians were killed on the roads that year in the country.

In the United Kingdom by comparison, 2398 road deaths were reported in 2006, 21% of which were pedestrians, i.e. about 500 pedestrians were killed - 10 times less that in Ukraine, even though it has a larger population and many more vehicles on the road."

'Kyiv Post' published a by no means comprehensive list of 'prominenti' involved in such incidents last December.

President Yanukovych's chief spokesperson Hanna Herman's 17-year old son was killed in a high-speed crash last year.

What is it with these maniacs?

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