Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Russia's plans for Ukraine..

According to an article in the 'WSJ', a leaked high-power Russian report "includes insights into Moscow's relationships with former Soviet republics. It calls for taking advantage of the global financial crisis to acquire industrial and energy assets in the Baltics, Belarus, Ukraine and Central Asia—all areas where Russian influence is a sensitive political issue."

Here's the bit in the report, published in full in 'Ruskii Newsweek', about Ukraine,

"- To actively draw in Ukraine into an orbit of economic cooperation with Russia, taking into account its large industrial and scientific potential, the presence of a modern military-industrial complex, and the traditionally close ties of cooperation of Russian and Ukrainian enterprises, to ensure Russian companies in strategic industries, particularly in advanced industries - aviation, transport , rocket and space, energy and other areas, do not slip into technological dependence on their Ukrainian counterparts.

- To achieve integration of the Russian United Aircraft Corporation and Ukrainian aircraft building enterprises in the production of AN-148, AN-140, Tu-334-124-100 aircraft, the production of A-222-25, A-222 -25F aircraft engines, and the D-436, A-450 series of engines for the Yak-130, Tu-334, Be-200 aircraft and helicopters.

- In the field of space research to urgently proceed in the setting up of a single navigational environment in Russia and Ukraine on the basis of GLONASS and other global navigation satellite [GPS-type] systems; to conduct coordinated trials...[Cuba and Venezuela could also be partners...let's say no more...Levko]

- To consider as a strategic aim [or task] Russia's participation in the operation of Ukraine's gas transmission system. To seek from the Ukrainian side, agreements on the establishment of an International Consortium for Management and Development of Ukrainian gas transportation system for this purpose.

- To support the efforts of Russian oil companies striving to use the Odessa-Brody oil pipeline in the reverse direction, thus limiting the access of Ukraine to Caspian oil.

- To expand cooperation with Ukraine in the field of nuclear energy and strive to clinch long-term contracts to supply Ukrainian nuclear power plants with nuclear fuel produced in Russia in order to achieve this.

- Increase the presence of Russian investment in Ukraine and Belorussia. To strive for the acquiring by Russian investors of controlling packets of shares in Ukrainian enterprises."

Not sure what Akhmetov, Pinchuk, Kolomoysky and the rest will make of this..

p.s. How different are British and Ukrainian politics.

In Ukraine leading politicians leave office enriched with dachas, grace and favour homes, hefty bank balances home and abroad, fancy motors with state-employed chauffeurs etc. They are set up for a life of luxury.

Last night, following a recent general election, Gordon Brown resigned as British prime minister. He has to vacate the PM's official residence, 10 Downing Street in the next few days because the new PM, David Cameron, will be moving in.

Brown, who has a wife an and two small boys, has lived in Downing Street at number 11, the Chancellor of Exchequer's [Minister of Finance's] residence, for 10 years, followed by a couple of years at number 10.

His family home is in Fife, Scotland. His wife owns a one bedroom apartment in London...and that's it. So he and his family have some serious disruption to sort out...But this is normal...take note Yanukovych, Yushchenko, Kuchma you greedy b******ds...

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