Friday, November 19, 2010

Parliament now Yanuk's toe-rag*

Video here of how just a few dozen PoR regions parliamentary deputies voted through the controversial new tax code today.

The records will show 269 deputies voted in favour of the motion. Voting for absent colleagues is unconstitutional, but small matters like that don't seem to matter in the Ukrainian parliament.

The small-scale entrepreneurs that will be hardest hit by the new tax laws look determined to continue their actions. The callous manner in which these laws were enacted by the authorities will stiffen their resolve.

This same bunch of PoR tossers also bulldozed through procedures enabling changes to be made to the Ukrainian Constitution in parliament without the need for signed personal voting slips to be placed in ballot boxes during voting so it will not be necessary for deputies to attend parliament in person to make changes to the country's Constitution.

The president signed off these new parliamentary procedures just a few hours later.

The same few dozen parliamentary deputies will now be able to vote through changes to the Constitution...with no discussion, no referendum..nothing...

They have no respect to the electorate...Can any serious international body take the Ukrainian parliament or its president seriously from now on?

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elmer said...

Ah, yes - "playing the piano" is what it's called - pressing the electronic voting buttons for absent deputies.

In the meantime -

Tihipko appeared on the Big Politics show on Inter (Велика Політика) and announced that the tax code is his baby - he owns it, it's his responsibility, and he's got "experts" to back him up.

People be damned - they're just proletariats which noone loves. Tihipko has got "experts."

Which reminds me of a joke.

A world-famous dog food company gathered together a bunch of experts from around the world to try to figure out how to increase sales. The experts recommended that the company should make the best dog food in the world, and they proceeded to make the "best dog food in the world."

After the product was shipped to stores, the President waited anxiously for the sales reports - and found out, unfortunately, that the "best dog food in the world" formulated by experts was not selling at all.

Angry, the President of the company called in his subordinates and demanded to know why the "world's best dog food" was not selling.

The answer came back - "because the dogs don't like it and won't eat it."

Tihipko has created the best dog food in the world with the help of "experts" - and he views Ukrainian people like dogs (remember when Yanukonvikt called Ukrainian people "beasts of burden" - бидло - during the Orange Revolution?). By golly, if "experts" created the tax code, then the Ukrainian people should eat it.

But the dogs won't eat it.