Wednesday, March 02, 2011

'Segonya' online readers unhappy with Yanuk..

Interesting straw poll on the big-selling Akhmetov-owned, pro-government "Segodnya" newspaper's website.

Online readers were asked: "February 25th was the first anniversary of president Viktor Yanukovych's inauguration. How would you assess his first year's work [out of a maximum 5 points] ?"

5 - excellent - 5%

4 - generally working well, but with some shortcomings - 15%

3 - mediocre - pluses and minuses in equal measure - 15%

2 - poor - few successes - 12%

1 - everything absolutely terrible - 54%

[Total votes cast, at time of writing: 2203]

Trouble is, the opposition would probably score no better right now...

On-line readers are by no means representative of the nation as a whole, but they will be younger, smarter, brighter, more dynamic and forward-looking...

p.s. some of the comments at the bottom of the 'Segodnya' article are quite amusing too..

e.g - Wrap the chandelier around his neck...and throw him in swamp..."

and "It's never been worse than now. In Egypt the average wage is $200 - the nation starts a revolution. Here it's $100 and 20% still vote for them...nonsense.."

[only a bit of fun...nothing to worry about..LEvko]

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