Thursday, April 14, 2011

'Segodnya's' view of Yanuk's palace

There's a large article, complete with photographs and video entitled "A flight over Yanukovych's nest: waterfall, classical columns and club house," in today's 'Segodnya'.

The periodical hired a helicopter which flew the same route the president will be taking when flying to 'work?' and back, when the heliport in downtown Kyiv is completed. They had had some difficulty hiring a pilot because of possible security problems, but did find one who agreed to take them along for the short flight.

'Segodnya' calls Mezhyhirya, "the residence of the guarantor [of the Constitution] [is] a mini-town".

It includes a large aircraft hangar, a boating lake with bridges surrounded by parkland and a classical gazebo, all worthy of a 19th century Bavarian king. These can be seen in the photographs accompanying the article.

The 4-storey helipad currently under construction near the Verkhovna Rada is a major construction project in its own right - I'm not sure if any other European capital can boast such a feature for use of its 'top banana'.

The article does declare that: "according to official versions, only one house in the "Mezhyhirya" complex belongs to Yanukovych. Everything else is the property of certain companies. The opposition say that all these firms are in one way or other connected to the family of President and that all the residence is 'de facto' controlled by Yanukovych. The president's people deny any link with the owners of Mezhyhirya".

The article states that their helicopter was greeted enthusiastically by Kyivans as it flew over them, and ends: " It is interesting what conclusions Viktor Fedorovych will make watching for the joyfulness of his fellow countrymen. As a minimum, his mood will probably rise...Unless of course, the opposition, or 'Femen' create some kind of dirty little trick [pakost'] along the way."

Despite promising journalists, in an 'off the cuff' remark, to show them around the place, Yanukovych has prevaricated for many months and has now, most likely changed his mind.

The big-selling Akhmetov-owned 'Segodnya's' editorial position is normally pro-Party of Regions. but I'd bet most of its poorer readers, when they see this will think:..."Megalomaniac..or what?"

These sorts of articles are not published without much thought. LEvko's guess is that this may be a little warning to 'The Family' from other clans..

p.s. Last week Yanukovych's 'mouthpiece', Hanna Herman, said:

"We should make it so the gap between the rich and the poor is reduced in this state. The president is a sincere man, he understands he and his team should live the [same] life which his people live. The people will no longer go with us if we are somewhere on Mount Olympus, while the people rummage through rubbish heaps." She's breaking my heart...

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