Saturday, August 20, 2011

Case against Lutsenko falling apart, but so what?

The twists and turns of the Tymoshenko trial are hogging the mass media pages and airwaves, whilst almost unreported, the criminal case against former minister of the interior, Yuriy Lutsenko is falling apart.

A number of 'victims' of his so-called crimes have failed to turn up in court. The current minister of internal affairs, Anatoliy Mohylyov, has allegedly forbidden several of his subordinates to appear, fearing they will sing a different tune to that which they sang for the benefit of the criminal investigators.

Three other witnesses have also changed their testimony upon cross-examination in court and no longer consider Lutsenko to be the perpetrator of crimes against their person.

According to 'Unian', Lutsenko openly declared in a statement in the courtroom that presiding judge Serhiy Vovk was being blackmailed. He said this without any challenge from the bench. "Your honour, two criminal cases have been opened against you. You and me are the same. The same dirty game is being played against you as against me. How are we to going to continue this process?"

'Unian' article concludes: "We all understand that today this does not depend upon the will of the peaceloving Vovk...[As] in [all] the political trials taking place in Ukraine today, the judges are far from making the decisions. More accurately - they decide nothing at all."

Lutsenko remains in custody after 8 months behind bars. Tymoshenko is, at time of writing, still being denied access to her own personal physician, even though she claims to be suffering from a mysterious ailment, possibly caused by ingestion of rat-poison?

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elmer said...

There cannot possibly be any lawyer or "judge" in Ukraine who credibly believes that Ukraine has a court system.

If Vovk or Kireyev, or any of the other "judges" had any principles, a spine, and cojones, they would simply dismiss the cases against Lutsenko and the rest.

If the "judges" started acting like judges, instead of chimps in robes, what could Yanukonvikt and his sovok mafia do - declare guilty verdicts?

The "judges" and lawyers either want to be men - and "judges" and lawyers - or slaves to the sovok mafia.