Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Yanukovych links Tymoshenko to Scherban's murder [updated]

Maybe it's the heady euphoria that has swept the country and its leadership after Ukraine's narrow victory in their first match over their group's weakest team, Sweden, in the Euro 2012 football tournament but, according to 'Bloomberg' president Yanukovych claims: "Crimes carried in various criminal cases were carried out with Tymoshenko’s participation...this isn’t a secret for the whole world - this happened. Including Shcherban’s murder. There were motives."

He is entering dangerous territory. The world also knows that he trampolined from motor transport manager to the highest echelons of power in Ukraine shortly after Yevhen Scherban's slaying. However, little documentation exists how this happened or who his sponsors were - it is a taboo subject.

Dozens of businessmen were murdered in and around Donetsk in the early '90's. Few of the murders were ever solved. Some of the alleged perpetrators themselves died in suspicious circumstances either in jail or elsewhere.

Scherban, by various accounts, had been the wealthiest man in Donbass and was a well-liked, charismatic politician. Those who inherited/appropriated his wealth are now the richest in the land.

And those who failed to solve the dozens of murders, intentionally or otherwise, now run the prosecutor general's office.

The murder rate diminished once the Yanukovych-Akhmetov-Kolesnikov triumvirate took full control of the region.

Update: Realising that the above statement was highly prejudicial, 'el presidente' has now explained that all the above is of course, a matter for the courts...]

I wonder if Rinat has called recently?

p.s. The motley crew who now run Ukraine gathered together to watch their nation play Sweden two days ago. Photos here

In their midst were three former presidents, the prosecutor-general [ho hum..], the young Yanukovych brothers, and top oligarchs...they all know one another's dirty secrets. Opposition leaders, who should also be represented at such national events, languish in jail.

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