Sunday, July 15, 2012

Warning on language

Kyiv Dynamo fans protested against the possible adoption of new laws which could enhance the status of so-called minority languages, including Russian, during Saturday's Dynamo vs Metallurg Donetsk soccer match.

Watch video here:

 The banner reads: :Ukraine has 46 million tongues - but one language" 

The fans lustily sang the national anthem of Ukraine..

LEvko's view? Most demo's in Ukraine are staged for money ...this looks for real....

P.S. However you look at it, Yanukovych was humiliated by Putin last Thursday.

Their tete a tete, which was delayed by four hours, was preceeded by Putin's meeting with 'The Night Wolves' and their leader who goes by the name of 'Surgeon'. After their meeting he popped in to see Viktor Medvedchuk to look at his musical fountain. Watch video here

Medvedchuk, who was Kuchma's grey cardinal, sees Ukraine's future firmly in Russia's orbit.

A man with Putin's  St Petersburg KGB background will inevitably have a disdain for the likes of Yanukovych who was brought up in the rundown criminalised hinterland of Yenakiyeve and spent three and a half years in prison for violent crimes..


elmer said...

Vitaly Portnikov wrote that Putler treated yanusvoloch as a governor of a subservient province.

Why should Putler have any respect whatsoever for yanusvoloch?

yanusvoloch himself, and the Party of Regions, have no respect for the office of president. They view it as a personal enrichment vehicle for yanusvoloch and his sons, one of whom is the $99 million dentist son.

Same thing with Parliament - they view it as a personal enrichment vehicle for themselves.

Piano voting shows absolute disrespect for democracy and for the institution of Parliament.

The way the language bill was pushed through, with gross and callous disregard for Parliamentary procedures and norms, shows huge disrespect for democracy and Parliament.

Lytvyn doesn't sign the bill? No problemo - just rush right over to the "constitutional court", where the chimps-in-robes immediately approve a new way of picking a speaker - 226 votes with piano voting, instead of 300 votes with anonymous ballots.

It's a zoo. It's an insane freak show.

What's worse - the people of Ukraine tolerate this.

To allow thieves like these to infest the office of president and Parliament shows that the people of Ukraine don't care.

They think they can get around it by "going underground" - or simply by leaving.

Why should Ukrainians expect anyone to respect Ukraine if they themselves have no self-respect and allow this kind of insane asylum, this дурдом, to go on?

янусволоч - неграмотний бовдур і батяр

Why is yanusvoloch even "the president"?

Why do Ukrainians allow this insane freak show to go on?

Putler had it exactly right - the bikers are more important, Medvedchuk, another thug, is more important.

And it will stay that way until Ukrainians get some self-respect and kick the Party of Regions and the sovok mafiosi out.

elmer said...

What the Kyiv Dynamo fans are doing makes me proud of Ukraine.

They are standing up for themselves and for Ukraine - with some self-respect.

What the opposition has just announced also makes me proud - a plan of action on several fronts:

1) court actions against yanusvoloch for usurpation of government, with petitions signed by the citizens of Ukraine

2) since the courts in Zookraine are owned by yanusvoloch - court actions outside of Ukraine in appropriate jurisdictions

3) a plan of action to repeal the 173 or so statutes that were unlawfully passed by the sovok mafia Party of Regions through "piano voting"

This, or course, assumes number 4.

4) winning in the upcoming elections, with a clear message to and a plan of action for the citizens of Ukraine

5) impeachment of yanusvoloch after elections

All of this ties in to number 6

6) an action entitled "Ukraine without yanusvoloch."

All of this recognizes the horrid governmental system put into place by the sovok mafia for their personal benefit.

It recognizes that it's not just about personalities - it's about a dysfunctional and horridly corrupt system of government.

I pray and hope this works, and that many more Ukrainians will unite with the Kyiv Dynamo fans to finally let Ukraine realize its huge potential - instead of being held down by Akhmetov, Pinchuk, Kolomoisky, Taruta, Zviahilsky, Chechetov, yanusvoloch, Kivalov, Kolesnichenko, Lytvyn, Symonenko, and the rest of the sovok mafia.