Friday, September 14, 2012

Why did Yanukovych humiliate two ministers in such an overt manner?

Following on from my previous blog on Yanukovych's humiliation, (perhaps reminiscent of Stalin's Politburo?), of First Deputy Prime Minister Valeriy Khoroshkovsky and Economics Minister Petro Poroshenko ...

In his 'Politclub' programme broadcast on Wednesday on TVi, (Ukraine's last remaining independent television station, which is currently under serious assault by the authorities), Valeriy Portnikov gave a reply to the  question above.

He considers Yanukovych was sending out a blunt message: no-one is untouchable, not even the richest and most powerful.

 Journalists, against whom the authorities are now conducting an all-out war, do not have financial assets that can be squeezed or extracted. "But the people, on whom boots are being wiped today, in actual fact in preparation for criminal cases against them, they have the money...and they have to ponder over this...The example of Mykhail Khodorkovsky in Russia, who at first co-operated in the construction of the system that was created there, then became its first victim, should tell them - think about are next in line..." says Portnikov.

"First they wiped their feet on us when they were destroying the broadcasting of TVi, then on Yuriy Lutsenko, then on Yulia Tymoshenko. Now they are destroying the last possibilities of dialogue between those who are not indifferent, and society. After this the turn will come for you, dear vice-premiers, ministers, and members of the Party of Regions.."

p.s. A couple of years ago, as head of the State Security Service (SBU),  Koroshkovsky was one of TVi's greatest enemies, actively restricting the television channel's access to the airwaves.


elmer said...

The problem is that yanusvoloch himself thinks he is untouchable, and that is confirmed not only by his demeanor, such as it is, but by the failure to remove presidential immunity.

Parliamentary immunity supposedly is in the process of being removed.

But I don't think Poroshenko and others are to be trifled with.

Is yanusvoloch big enough, so to speak (oh, sure, he's a fat, out of shape pig-hog) that he can simply roll over anyone and everyone?

Start pelting him with eggs - he's already proved he'll go down in a heap.

elmer said...

Here's something that's maybe slightly disturbing about Portnikov's TV discussion.

There seemed to be a feeling on the part of some of the participants that journalists who advocate for good government must leave the journalistic profession and become politicians.

Fortunately, Portnikov and Kniazhytsky set everyone straight.

Portnikov also started talking about the example in the former Yugoslavia of people simply setting up a parallel government.

In Zookraine, that would result in the tiny "country" of Mezhihirya - and, finally, a good country ---- Ukraine.

For quite a few years now, the behavior and actions of the mafia in Zookraine remind me of disgusting corporate rats - they have been acting as if the government is their own private corporation.

That comes complete with yanusvoloch trying to embarass Khoroshkovsky by his question regarding minimum payments.

On the video, you could see that yanusvoloch already knew that Khoroshkovsky did not know the answer to the question. It was a setup. And for that, one has to have spies throughout the "corporation."

So yanusvoloch decides to "big-dog" it - complete with deliberate put-downs and embarrassment of "underlings."

And, of course, it's not the first time that yanusvoloch has put on his "heads will roll" act.

After all, he is >>>>>>>

der fuhrer governor yanusvoloch
servant of Master Biker Lover Putler and Master Biker "The Surgeon"

seig heil

meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow

What is truly and absolutely astounding is that after all of this mafia behavior, the polls are still showing more than 15% support for the Party of Mafiosi (Regions).

seig heil

elmer said...

No doubt you have noticed -

Serhiy Leschhenko's article in Ukrainian Pravda about who is behind all of the political candidates and parties has caused quite a stir.

Korolevska went on ICTV to deny that the Party of Regions - or their affiliates - are behind her, and she accused Klitschko of "old school trickery" for refusing to take up Shevchenko's "challenge" to a debate about - sports.

The country is in a world of hurt, and Shevchenko wants to debate about ------ sports!!!!!!!

Klitchko says that just because writer Ms. Matos has a relative working in the government does not mean that there are oligarchs behind his party.

He claims that he is mostly financing his party's campaign himself, with help from non-oligarchs.

In the meantime, Condoleeza Rice snubs yanusvoloch in Yalta, rightfully so, as yanusvoloch claims that he as "worked miracles" in Zookraine with "reform", and Hryshchenko - Mr. Crocodile - asserts that Zookraine and the EU will sign an association agreement before long.

The people who were listening to yanusvoloch reciting his list of "accomplishments" - even his own mafia and members of governmnet - did not look like they were convinced. That includes Tihipko and Khoroshkovsky.

Zookraine's government is just so full of really fu%%%% up "people" - thank you, sovok union.

seig heil der fuhrer governor yanusvoloch