Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A reminder of the evil men who run Ukraine..

Over six years ago [how time flies] I posted a blog about the dreadful kidnap and murder of Roman Yerokhin who was a senior officer from the main directorate of the Adminstration for Fighting Organized Crime [UBOZ].

He had been investigating a large conversion and money laundering operation linked to a Donetsk financial establishment and its alleged links to parliamentary deputies from various political factions.

Robert Stack, in his recent brilliantly researched blog, ties Yerokhin's murder to former associates of one of Ukraine's most rapidly rising political stars, the current 36 year-old head of the National Bank of Ukraine, Sergei Arbuzov.

Arbuzov, who is tipped to become Ukraine's next PM, is universally considered to have close ties with the Yanukovych family clan.

Stack's article is a chilling reminder of the nature of the guys who run Ukraine today . They have more in common with '30's Chicago than the EU. Anyone reading Stack's article will realise how far the country's leaders are from holding normal European values, and from sincerely wishing to adhere to any possible Association Agreement rules.

Why should the IMF or any other international financial institution have any dealings with such people?
Luckily, their gigantic scams are being exposed ever-more frequently.

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elmer said...

However, thank God that there are people fighting the evil.

2 of them - Vitaly Portnikov and Mykola Knyazhytsky, 2 amazingly literate, knowledgeable men, multilingual, cultured, with a deep knowledge of history throughout the world.

Portnikov's last Politklub program was probably the best ever, as he made fun of "governor" Yanusvoloch's non-trip to the Kremlin - "searching for president yanusvoloch high and low in Maskva." Portnikov was especially at his best at the end of the program.

And then there is Knyazhytsky, an amazing man.

And this wonderful little piece of music at the end of his program from the other night, on the bandura, by Roman Hrynkiv (last video excerpt on the page):

2 amazing men

They are not the only ones who have been or are fighting the evil - thank goodness - but I won't name them all here.