Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Police again assembling thugs in Pervomaysk

Today's 'ord-ua' website runs another post by Volodymyr Boyko on latest developments in Chausove-2, where an agro-company linked to the son of the current presecutor-general of Ukraine, Artem Pshonka, and a close associate of president Yanukovych, Mykola Kruglov, have been waging a war with local farmers to seize their lands together with this summer's harvest.

[See my previous post on how 80 armed thugs were repelled by farmers and their families several days ago here ]

Below is a summary of Boyko's piece:

On June 22 2013 head of the Mykolaiv Oblast State Administration Mykola Kruglov held a broad-based meeting with representatives of the regional prosecutor's office, SBU and the MVD. The meeting was convened following the June 18 attack by an armed gang on the inhabitants of the village of Chausovo-2. The criminal gang was led by Oksana Valeshynska, a solicitor from Nikolaev, who, by these means tried to seize the fields of  "Agrofirma Kornatskykh" and gather the harvest of barley grown by its farmers.

During the meeting Kruglov harshly criticized the deeds of Valeshynska and the head of Ukrainian Internal Affairs Administration in the Mykolaiv region, Valentina Persenyuk, who failed to accomplish their set task and rob the peasants.

A man of approximately 40 years of age who Kruglov called Ihor and introduced as a Kyiv authority [criminal authority] responsible for supplying the band of thugs, was particularly angry. In the words of Igor, Parsenyuk failed to organise a "Berkut" special forces unit to support the attackers in Pervomaysk. This allowed the farmers to resist the gangsters and call journalists and MPs for support. Because of this news agencies were able to quickly broadcast details of what was going on, and social networking site users were able to instantly identify the assailants.

Kruglov ordered the audience to take immediate decisive action to halt the activities of "Agrofirma Kornatskykh" next week - to commit armed attacks on other departments of the company, to rob stores, to stop trucks and to take away the grain which they are transporting. According Kruglov, all looted property should by convey to Vradiyivskiy elevator, whose managers have already received appropriate instructions.

Kruglov also presented a businessman, Yuriy Karapetovych Khahanyana, who will sell the stolen grain instead of Valeshynska because the latter did not inspire much confidence. The governor stressed that the proceeds will be divided "50-50":  half for Yuriy Karapyetovich and half for us. Obviously, under the pronoun "us" Kruglov was referring to himself and the son of Prosecutor General of Ukraine, Artem Pshonka who the media regularly call organisers of the attempted seizure of "Agrofirma Kornatskykh."

Under the plan, which Kruglov plans to execute between 25 and 28 June, depending on weather, police are supposed to surround the area of the inevitable fighting, and  not allow journalists and MPs into the fields.

According Kruglov, the plan, agreed with the Administration of the President, includes provision of "correct" media coverage by the "Inter" tv channel. Stooges have also been prepared to appear in broadcast material.

"The main thing, said Kruglov - do not let Kornatsky gather the harvest."

F.N. comment: The events in Chausove, Pervomaysk oblast have certainly been approved by the highest authorities in the land. Kruglov was appointed Mykolayiv governor by Yanukovych in March 2010, a few days after he become president; he was PM Azarov's deputy when the latter ran the State Tax Administration. 

This is becoming a trial of strength which the authorities have decided they cannot lose...even though "Agrofirma Kornatskykh" employs over 15,000 loyal farmers who provided its boss Arkadiy Kornatsky with nearly 30,000 votes in last year's parliamentary elections. His victory was stolen from him.... In the eyes of the authorities he has dared to resist...he must be destroyed.

p.s. 15 minute news report with videos of the violent events that took place in Chausove on June 18 here . It is most apparent that numerous completely demoralised? law enforcement officers watched and did nothing as innocent victims were being assaulted by armed thugs...certainly aware that their police chiefs were co-organisers of this lawlessness.

Is this the picture of Ukraine Yanukovych and co. want to portray to possible outside investors?

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