Thursday, February 20, 2014

Cabinet of ministers, maybe president, behind today's mass killing

The most disturbing news I have read on this appalling day, 20th February, when up to 100 demonstrators were shot dead by snipers of Ukrainian 'Alpha' anti-terrorist forces, were credible reports in the reputable 'Dzerkalo Tyzhnya'  that the dozen or so killers had been stationed inside the yard of the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers building.

They had been observed loading and unloading rifles and other equipment into two 4X4 vehicles on several occasions since they arrived there at the beginning of the month, and were again seen 'loading up' this morning.

It is therefore clear - their bloody killing spree was sanctioned by one or more ministers...It is almost inconceivable that the president himself was not aware of this...he must have given his approval too.

[I seem to recall there have been rather vague rumours in the last few weeks that similar 'Alpha' personnel had been stationed in the presidential administration building.]

In days and months to come the legality of the actions of the 'Alpha' troops and the order for them to be utilised in this way - the gravest crime committed against Ukrainians since independence, will come under the closest scrutiny.

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There are eye witness reports that a number of Regionaly and their families are getting out while the going is good. Rows of expensive vehicles were seen driving up to the small Zhulany airport near Kyiv, escorted by armoured security vehicles from which many suitcases and strong boxes werebeing transferred under the supervision of expensively fur-coated 'fancy women' and armed security staff. Rats fleeing from the burning ship? Are some of those fleeing responsible for the events above?

Parliamentary speaker Volodymyr Rybak, and his deputy Ihor Kaletnyk and their families are allegedly amongst the rats fleeing....Minister of Revenues Klimenko may have flown out from Donetsk....Rybak's refusal to permit voting in parliament on Tuesday sparked the appalling violence that day.  How disgusting is this...Do they not have a sense of responsibility to do their utmost at their countries moment of greatest need?

I'd bet most of the flights out are west or those dreadful Europeans who are supporting the 'terrorists on Maidan who are causing all of the trouble'.

Also Verhkovna Rada have just voted for special forces to withdraw from the area around Maidan...The newly formed parliamentary majority will grow in days to come...and maybe even bring to account those responsible for the dreadful murder of up to a hundred young men and women...Yanukovch now is up against the wall...either clear Maidan tonight to show the PoR waverers he is still the boss, or back down, because tomorrow even more PoR waverers will be emboldened to vote with the opposition. I guess it was today's horrors that convinced them to switch..

p.s As I write, hundreds and hundreds of well organised people of all ages, men, women, are on Khreschatyk lifting the small paving blocks from the sidewalks and stacking them in neat stacks about a metre hight...hundreds of such stacks by the side of the road.. Others are methodically constructing fresh army of worker bees...Are they terrorists? No...just brave, idealistic patriots who want a future free of rotten corrupt government, kleptocratic thugs and state officials...A future based on a European model..

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