Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A wicked imported conflict [updated]

Check out this article from Spiegel [in English] about the surreal Russian - Ukrainian war:

"Could it be that the much discussed conflict between the Russians, the West and the eastern Ukrainians doesn't really exist?
The longer I am in this city [of Donetsk], the more I believe that much of what is said about the war in eastern Ukraine isn't true. Others have imported the conflict."

p.s. An absolute must-read: Andrey Kurkov's just-published 'Ukraine Diaries'...
"an invaluable guide to the present crisis"

Also "Strategic snapshots: The Ukraine Crisis and the International System"
Short 10 minute video from IISS here 

pps "Of all the horror I've seen this one


stands out. Girl in dress symbolizes "suicidal" country of mine." 03'40"

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