Thursday, May 19, 2005

Got gas

We went out this morning to forage for gas, at least that's what we were prepared for. We strapped in the little boy and took off for the station--one block away. I was prepared for having to wait, if the station had any gas, or to go on a reconnaissance in force to find some some other place.

When we pulled near the station, we saw there was no line. That was good news. We pulled in and had to wait for another guy in front of us to finish but that was all the wait we had--about 5 minutes in all. The girl operating the pump filled us up and even spilled some on the ground in a ceremony meant to appease the natural resource gods of the sub stratum. That could only help. (The Enlightenment side of my brain says that she spilled it out when she tried to top us off--still a good omen in my book.)

A couple of stops at the market for food and we got home in about 45 minutes. Not bad.

It is interesting here though that there are not as many cars on the streets as on days before the gas problem. It is much more like the number of cars out on a Sunday. Maybe people have adjusted to a new default level with their cars and driving. They don't do it as much. Maybe that's why we didn't have any line at the pump.

We did find that the gas station was open 24 hours. We might try late at night if we see lines forming again.

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