Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Orange Revolution celebration

There's going to be a celebration of the Orange Revolution this next Monday and Tuesday down on the Maidan. There will be some of the same artists who performed during the revolution. There won't be any color orange though from what we hear. Maybe it's that it's too identified with Yuschenko and they don't want to identify it with him. Or maybe it's that they want to be all inclusive and reach out to the east, a West and East together kind of thing. Either way it will be funny--an Orange Revolution celebration without the color orange.

Maybe we'll see the return of those American made boots and drug filled oranges that filled the imaginations of people in the east, courtesy of Mrs. Yanukovych. Something like this:

I saw last night upon the Square
Some boots, spiked citrus that was not there.
They were not there again today,
Oh how I wish they'd go away!

(Apologies to whoever wrote the original. "I saw last night upon the stair/A little man who was not there..." I think it was a physicist.)

Some of the people in the tent near the Presidential Admin building had a sense of humor. They had oranges and boots hanging around. One guy walked around with a boot on a stick. A real poke in Yanukovych's eye.

Those were the good old days.

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Ransom said...

My first guess was Shel Silverstein.

The only source that Google turns up is Hugh Means (1875-1965). I can't determine any other biographical information.