Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Salt shortages and related psychoses--Russia

There is now a shortage of salt on store shelves in Russia. We have been hearing about this in the Ukrainian media but I didn't know it was this bad.

But this, this is just too much:

The current situation reveals the technologies of psychogenic action used in the field of public awareness. A person suffering from psychosis is guided by emotions only whereas his or her critical thinking is pushed into the background. As a result, a human being starts taking illusions for reality. That is why people do not believe state officials when they appear on TV screens or radio channels and say that the situation will soon be normalized. (Emphasis mine.)

Doesn't this sound like the good old days when a person took a position, let's say, contrary to the state's position, that person was considered to have a mental illness? Off to the ward with you. If you think that there might be some shortages from a potential Ukrainian retaliation for the gas problem and/or the dairy ban and the government says differently, well, that, of course, is the result of a psychosis.

Sounds like Pravda is back once again to the position that the truth is what the government says it is. It does have a kind of post modern ring to it in keeping with the age though. But is this not depressing?

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