Thursday, February 21, 2008

Feint 'harts' and a fair lady

Ukrainian Socialist party boss Oleksandr Moroz considers that some businessmen from Party of Regions may cross over and join Baloha's new political project.

The project may adopt the name "Hart".

"At the moment I do not have at my disposal information that some representatives of PoR intend to join the administrative group created by the secretariat of the President, but I consider this is possible, because the reckless adventure of [last year's] pre-term parliamentary elections was supported by representatives of the business-wing of PoR," said Moroz.

In his opinion, "There was an agreement between the business [side] of PoR and business [side] of NUNS. They wanted to create a broad coalition after the elections, in part, to solve questions of business".

Moroz added, "Viktor Yushchenko campaigned for NUNS, calculating the orange forces would not collect sufficient votes, and that the creation of a wide coalition would be essential. Such a PoR/NUNS alliance would make it possible not only to change the constitution - which particularly interests the president, but [would also help] solve corporate problems".

"Because this plan was not realized due to BYuT's high rating, the business wings of PoR and NUNS are disgruntled and therefore continue to discuss yet further parliamentary elections. I do not think that this will come about," noted Moroz.

"In any event such a step would strongly weaken PoR - they would lose the possibility to propose their own presidential candidate from their political force. And they would lose the confidence of a substantial part of their voters."

Several days ago VR speaker Arseniy Yatsenyuk got into a spot of bother with the Deputy Chief of the Special Highway Patrol Force, who cut him up on the road when driving. Yatsenyuk claimed he was given the 'middle finger'. President Yushchenko then involved himself and made a big deal out of it at a meeting when he adressed a bunch of 'lard-arsed' law enforcement officers. [See video clip here ]. Eventually some guy was sacked for what he claims was 'a misinterpreted hand gesture'. All in all, a storm in a tea-cup.

The incident took place on the Zhytomyr Road. There are rumours that Yatsenyuk, who may allegedly also be joining the 'Hart' project, was on his way to visit Rinat Leonidovych..who lives nearby..

p.s. LEvko wonders if from now on, every time 'wunderkind" Yatsenyuk sits in the speaker's chair in the VR, or says something to irritate VR deputies, there will be lots of hand gestures waved at him from the floor below...He should have swallowed his pride let the whole matter rest, and not go snitching to the 'grown-ups'.

p.p.s. "A faint heart never won a fair lady" old saying.


Anonymous said...

Article about the SPU

Anonymous said...

I understood that the point was that the cop didn't know who it was and that is simply the way he treats the public generally - except Mr Joe Public can't do anything about it