Wednesday, April 16, 2008

BYuT drops bombshell..

'Segodnya' has just reported that BYuT press service have released a declaration containing an ultimatum to President Yushchenko.

The story entitled:

"Official declaration of BYuT : Yushchenko - enemy of the people"

accuses the President and his secretariat of :

total ruination of all initiatives of the democratic government,

of blocking all anti-corruption programs of the government,

of creating panic and hysteria on inflation,

of halting civilized privatization,

of taking into their hands shadow schemes in the gas sphere,

of providing cover for the corrupt leadership of the State Property Fund,

and of consolidating around him leaders of clans and financial-industrial groups who want to return to power,

and of disgracing the Ukrainian state.

BYuT appeals to the president to stop his anti-Ukrainian activity and ruination of any chance of democratic development of the country. BYuT state there is only one civilized solution - accepting changes to the Constitution in parliament..

More later on this major development...

p.s. Ukraine's leaders may want to check out this new book by a former British Foreign Secretary:

"Most political leaders become mentally or physically incapable of sound judgment and lose their grip on reality, argues David Owen in a new book. Elizabeth Grice talks to the former doctor and politician....


Anonymous said...

If its for real it looks like Tym is desperate to provoke Yush to sack her.

Anonymous said...

Comes as no surprise. The sooner Yulia breaks from Our Ukraine , the sooner Ukraine adopts a full parliamentary system of governance the sooner Ukraine can develop a a true democracy. The main cause of political dissension and conflict in Ukraine is due to the President's and his party Our Ukraine. It was Our Ukraine that sold out the ideals of the "Orange Revolution" It was Yushchenko that breach Ukraine's constitution and interfered with the operation and independence of the courts. Yulia should cut a deal with Party of Regions and implement full reform followed by impeachment of the president.

Anonymous said...

This could also be Yuliya making a first strike. As you and others have reported there were suggestions that Our Ukraine and the Office of the President were planning a coup detar in May. The long Easter holiday is fast approaching and now is a good time to place the cards on the table and see what hands each player has. The fact is the political divisions and instability in Ukraine is of the presidents making.

As long as the President maintain absolute immunity (It needs to be noted that under the provisions of Ukraine's constitution the President is the only person who has absolute immunity) democracy in Ukraine will be a myth.

Anonymous said...

Full support for the proposal for Ukraine to adopt a Full Parliamentary system of governance.

f Ukraine wishes to integrate with other European States then it should also adopt a full European Parliamentary model.

Most, if not all, of the recent divisions and political instability has been as a direct result of Yushchenko`s ongoing power struggle. Yes the amendments made in 2004 were not perfect BUT they were a step in the right direction. Now is the time for Ukraine to complete the transition and to follow in the steps of other former Eastern European nations, all who have adopted a parliamentary `rule of law` democracy as as opposed to a presidential "rule by decree" authoritarian system.

Whilst a full parliamentary model is the way forward the answer to Ukraine`s future lies in the detail of the model chosen and the type of electoral system used to elect the peoples representatives. Ukraine should look closely at Finland, Britain, Canada, New Zealand and Australia (All opperating under a sucsessfrul parliamentary system) for its guidance.

Anonymous said...

It's hard to be too enthusiastic about a full parliamentary system--no matter the benefits--given the state of Ukraine's political parties. The communists are really the only party based on any sort of political ideals, and the rest of dominated by singular individuals. They remain fluid (Our Ukraine to OU-People's Self Defense to Yedeny Tsenter to ...) and held together solely by personalities and any big-business money that person can pull in to his or her side.