Thursday, December 24, 2009

Will Yanik appear on Shuster?

"The leader of the opposition, Party of Regions' Viktor Yanukovych, will appear in the Friday Shuster Live talk show, Anna Herman, widely believed to be Yanukovych speech writer, said Dec. 22."

This after an official statement posted the day before on the TRK Ukraina website, the channel on which the Shuster program is broadcast, expaining that because PM Tymoshenko had the full program to herself last Friday on account of president Yushchenko and leader of the opposition Viktor Yanukovych failing to turn up for that show [see previous blog], then the TV company proposes, in the interest of fair play, the latter two are provided with comparable air time on Shuster's program.

Curiously, at time of posting of this blog - about 24 hours prior to Yanukovych's supposed appearance, there is nothing about this on the Shuster program web page.

Important appearances by leading figures are normally announced well in advance on this site. My guess is Yanik's 'minders' are negotiating hard with the Shuster and his producers, on the format of the program, who will be asking the questions, what questions will be, and so on...and no agreement on these matters has been reached yet...

UPDATE: Yankovych's appearance in tonight's Shuster program entitled 'Priorities for the country' was announced today on the program's website.


elmer said...


Yanukovych is such a moron!

A chimp is smarter than Yanuk.

Tymo actually got the attention of the people in the audience.

My question to Yanuk:

чому ти, дурна мавпа,как-аєш па расійськой в УКРАЇНІ?

Пачаму ти,дурна мавпа, не вмієш відповідати на питання?

elmer said...

Watching grass grow is more exciting than watching Yanuk. Every single word is strained and labored - it's as if it takes Yanuk a super-human effort just to utter a single short sentence.

The thug does not answer any questions.

To answer your question - no, Yanuk did not appear on the Shuster show.

He showed up - and proceeded NOT to answer questions.

At about 42 minutes, he spent quite a bit of time NOT answering questions about Mezhihirya, the 400 acre estate that he acquired with Yushchenko's help under very mysterious circumstances from the government, through a convoluted series of transactions involving corporations (including one owned by his son) and a fishing club.

Instead, he laughed and joked and sneered in the sovok way at Mustafa Nayem's very excellent questions, and promised to focus on the problems of the country, instead of answering questions about his own crooked Mezhihirya deal.

What is absolutely shocking is how Yanuk AND Shuster (!!!) treated this - as if crooked deals by a presidential candidate are unimportant!!! They laughed it off! It is not only shocking, but thoroughly disgusting.

Apparently, mouthing platitudes about the country entitles Yanuk to rob the country blind, and not to answer questions about his own crooked deals.

Oh, yes - Yanuk used a standard dodge in Ukraine - Mustafa, if you're so interested in the truth about the Mezhihirya deal, go to the Prosecutor General's office.

Of course, Yanuk the thug knows that the Prosecutor General's office is crooked, and so are most of the judges in Ukraine.

Savik Shuster spent a lot of time trying to wave Mustafa down, and trying call Mustafa off of questioning the big fat thug about Mezhihirya.

And, we came to find out that Yanuk has had Shuster over to his house on a "social" basis. And then there is the matter of who owns the station on which Shuster has his show (Party of Regions folks).

Shuster tries to give the appearance of being open and fair - but on this one, he was clearly extremely protective of Yanukovych.

If Ukrainians elect this moron criminal as president, then they truly deserve what they get - more criminals in office, robbing the country blind for themselves and their oligarchs.

elmer said...

ой,бідний той Янук тупий
реве та стогне, крадій-бандит
ледве, ледве вимовляю слова
ой, яка то мука відповілати на питання
високий як тополя, дурний як фасоля, бідний мафіозо-бандит
ну, не звертайте увагу що він, як кандидат на презика, как-ає па російське
уявіть собі що бідний праФФесар не лише українську не вміє
але ледве висловлює речення російською
аде красти добре вміє
ей, то сміг, і Савік, що бував в янука в гості добре тупого мафіоза прикриває
"Мустафа, Мустафа, такого не питай"

а праффесар "відповідає" що він перед Мустафом не буде свої злочини оправдувати

"піди до прокуратури, Мустафа"

А для кого він бандит думає що Мустафа подає питання - для любих псів на вулиці?