Thursday, March 18, 2010

Splits in STARE* already?

This from the Communist Party of Ukraine's official website today:

.."[CPU leader] Peter Symonenko said that he was disturbed by the intention of the Government and President to continue negotiations with the IMF for loans when there is no programme of action formed by the government, when a state budget is yet to be passed, when the national debt is almost equal to the GDP, and when the strategic directions of economic cooperation with other countries and international organizations have yet to be determined."

"We are witnessing how, because of the IMF, the WTO, and the World Bank, large Ukrainian industrial enterprises and agriculture were, and are being destroyed, and how domestic producers are being forced out of the domestic market to the benefit of foreign corporations and companies. And while there is no detailed economic data or estimates of economic gains or losses, conducting talks on new loans is a conscious imposition of a slip knot on the people and country," said the Communist leader.

"It is shameful when the person responsible for the strategy of economic development determines in advance false priorities, such as granting Ukraine associate membership in the EU on who knows what terms, which limit domestic manufacturers in the main sectors of the Ukrainian economy including in the agricultural sector. However, concerning Deputy Prime Minister Serhiy Tihipko, it is not surprising. He held the same position under Lazarenko, was minister of economics under Yushchenko, and led the National Bank under Kuchma," added Symonenko.

*PoR/BL/CPU and some odds and ends form 'STARE' - the 'new' "Stability and and Reform" parliamentary coalition.

p.s. The campaign to 'smoke out' new minister of education and science, Dmytro Tabachnyk continues. Six oblast councils passed resolutions demanding his sacking and demos were staged in several cities.

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