Friday, July 23, 2010

FAZ on RUE money machine

Frankfurter Allegemeine Zeitung has published an article by Konrad Schuller on how the RosUkrEnergo money machine is humming again - to the detriment of Ukraine. The entire 'smoke and mirrors' charade could enrich RUE, and their pals in the highest levels of government in Ukraine, by $5Bn. And, as a bonus, it will all be the fault of Yulia T, as usual...

There's quite a good Ukrainian translation of the FAZ piece here


elmer said...

Along these lines, no doubt you have seen the 2 articles in Ukrainian Pravda, complete with red-lined excerpts from the "Third Pleading" from the Stockholm Arbitration.

The articles were written by Mustafa Nayem.

It appears that White and Case, one of the law firms (based in New York City, but an international firm) that represented Naftohaz, was torpedoed by its own client.

Naftohaz changed its position during the so-called arbitration.

And the end result was that Firtash wound up arbitrating "against" - Firtash.

Guess who won?

Let me know if you need the links to the 2 articles.

elmer said...

Based on the fraudulent Stockholm arbitration, Ukraine's Naftohaz is about to return 20% of Ukraine's gas requirements to Firtash/RosUkrEnergo.

This will increase Ukraine's budget deficit, put its IMF loan at risk, put Ukraine's winter heat at risk, and generally have disastrous consequences for Ukraine.

All thanks to a corrupt middleman gas scheme benefitting Firtash and the Party of Regions - and some others.

elmer said...

More on RosUkrEnergo

Firtash, Mogilevych, and Robert Shetler-Jones surface again, this time in ---- England.

Where does Firtash send the money he steals from Ukraine? Among other places, to England

Contacts with a Baroness with these vampires nixed the 70-year old Baroness' appointment as Security Minister:

MI5 'vetoed Security Minister over links to Ukrainian oligarchs'

Read more:

The two men at the centre of the controversy surrounding the Baroness are Ukrainian oligarch Dimitry Firtash and Russian tycoon Mikhail Chernoy.
Two years ago, the Baroness revealed in the House of Lords Register of Members’ Interests that her office received £20,000 a year from British businessman Robert Shetler-Jones, who oversees the assets of Mr Firtash.