Thursday, September 09, 2010

People are not idiots

Valeriy Portnikov, a well-known independent journalist who frequently appears on Ukrainian television, in an article in Glavred entitled, "Why should we be idiots?", concludes:

"When President Viktor Yanukovych says that he is not aware of any problems with freedom of speech in the country, he takes us for idiots.

When the head of the Presidential Administration [Levochkin] declares he does not understand that there is a problem of conflict of interest when a [prominent] businessman also heads the [Ukrainian Security Service] SBU, and adds that Constitutional rights protect this businessman - he takes us for idiots.

When Levochkin claims that the decline in the Party of Regions' ratings is merely an example of poor work by sociologists, he takes us for idiots. When deputies from the ruling party call journalists who talk of internal squabbles between them slanderers, they take us for idiots.

Why should we be idiots? To make it easier for them to live? So that they can accumulate even more assets, factories, and wealth? A strange explanation for our total stupor. A stupor which they will not await to see in Ukraine."

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