Thursday, December 02, 2010

Ukraine is a mafia state already

The latest Wikileaks revelation that "Ukraine will become a mafia state" is, as anyone who follows your humble blogger, straight from the department of the "bleeding obvious".

As just one example, yesterday in a fine piece of investigative journalism, Konstantyn Usov of 'Lyeviy Bereg' reveals how Serhiy Demishkan, [son of a prominent PoR parliamentary deputy and boss of the massive"UkrAvtoDor" state road construction company, Volodymyr Demishkan], in late 2007 with two other collaborators, allegedly kidnapped and brutally murdered a business associate, Vasyl Kryvozub. They had had a running dispute over the unreturned deposit of $46k for rental of an aircraft the poor victim had owned.

They tied him up, forcibly poured vodka down his throat - breaking several bones in the process, strapped a central heating radiator to his back and dumped him into a canal where he drowned. Demishkan's final words to his victim were, allegedly, "Say hello to Jacques Cousteau.."

Usov publishes lots of leaked evidence and video'ed interviews to support his allegations.

Kryvozub had managed to secretly send an SMS message while he was being kidnapped, and the three suspects were caught soon after the terrible crime was perpetrated. They confessed in full and even showed law enforcement officers over which bridge they dumped the still living Kryvozub.

Last September, Demishkan was released from detention by judge Iryna Hryhoryeva of the Kyiv Appeals court after he had claimed his confession was made under duress.

The judge has now been promoted the highest court of criminal justice in Ukraine....headed by Leonid Fesenko, a former PoR parliamentary deputy.

There are only poor people in Ukrainian prisons..

More and more is appearing about a shadowy long-time colleague of president Yanukovych, PoR deputy Yuriy Ivanyushchenko [a.k.a. Yura Yenakiyivskiy, after their common home town]. Yura Y., who oversees many of the Yanukovych family's financial flows, is gaining an ever-greater grip of portions of Ukraine's economy, particularly in the agriculture sector. An emminent western diplomat claimed that grain export quotas are being selectively granted to companies whose owners are close to the current administration, and our hero Yura.

Yura Y. has also benefited big-time from the state 'recapitalisation' of the all-but-bankrupt Rodovid Bank.

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