Thursday, April 07, 2011

Whipping boy Azarov.

PM Mykola Azarov is becoming president Yanukovych's chief whipping boy. This video was posted on the pres's official site.

"Tell me, what happened this year? Why has this work not been done on time? Why didn't we ask the agragrians what problems they face? Why didn't we invite representatives of the motor engineers? The owners or directors of chemical factories who supply fertilizers... fuel and lubricants?"

A miserable-looking, sighing Azarov mutters a few excuses...

Today, at a well-attended presentation on investment reforms, when speaking about a campaign to improve Ukraine's attractiveness to investors, Yanukovych again told off his hapless PM. In reply to Azarov's claims that a programme to attract such investors already exists, the pres. retorts: "...Don't tell me fairy tales. You can tell them to others. I know what I'm talking about."

Such crude heaping of blame and humiliation of subordinates in public looks like something from Mao Zedong's China..

And Azarov had a slanging match with deputy PM Boris Kolesnikov today too...nerves are getting a bit frayed..

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Anonymous said...

And of course it wasn't Yanuk who appointed the good-for-nothing in the first place and keeps him there.