Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thugs in parliament

The depths to which Ukrainian so-called 'politicians' regularly descend never fails to astound me, even after many years observing their behaviour.

Today, during a plenary session, the 1st deputy speaker of Ukraine's parliament, Adam Martynyuk, assaulted and attempted to strangle parliamentary deputy Oleh Lyashko. [Check out video here ]

The maverick Lyashko apparently had called Martynyuk "a pharisee".
Will the deputy speaker be disciplined? Are you kidding?

Martynyuk and his ilk wear swanky Italian suits and drive around in the classiest of automobiles. They live in the most exclusive dachas around Kyiv procured by the most devious means...and yet behave like hoodlums..

Quite disgusting and macabre....

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