Sunday, June 05, 2011

Update on drilling platform scam

'Dzerkalo Tyzhnya' is taking Minister of Energy Boyko to court over his allegations that DzT's articles on the purchase of a drilling platform at $150 million over market price via shady intermediaries, were "100%" planted in order to discredit him. [See previous two blogs]

DzT now claim President Yanukovych has requested the Security Service [SBU] investigate whether state company Chornomornaftohaz had indeed purchased the platform for $400 million dollars, $150 million over the proper price, and if so, who was behind the scheme.

Chornomornaftohaz have apparently already paid 80% advance 'up front' [presumably to the highly suspicious intermediary British 'name-plate' company - Highway Investment Processing LLP].

LEvko says only an untouchable 'top banana' could sanction such a huge scam. But you can buy a 'big roof' for $150 million..and it helps if the head of the SBU is one of Boyko's close business associates.

Some observers claim: "the intensified wave of high-level corruption since Yanukovich came to power last year is essentially a final fight over the spoils as part of a prelude to a new period of Ukraine making a concerted effort to deepen its relationship with the EU. This in turn will lead to enhanced domestic reform, a clampdown on corruption, and an unequivocal return to the path of democratization."

LEvko says kleptomania is a serious, incurable epidemic disease frequently observed amongst Ukraine's elites. Sufferers are driven by a creed of 'do unto others before others do unto you..' To suggest that closer ties with Europe will cure them is merely wishful thinking...

The story of Boyko's oil platform will run and run in the non official media - as will the story surrounding the scandalous 'sky's-the-limit' Mezhyhirya palace, which Yanukovych has built for himself, and about which I have written many postings over the last few years.

Exactly one year ago, in an off-the-cuff but on the record remark when he was being queried by journalists , Yanukovych offered them an invitation to visit the place. But soon after, the offer was postponed indefinitely.

Tomorrow the 'Stop Tsenzuri' journalists association were to picket its entrance and demand the president delivers on his offer, but permission to do so has been denied by the local village mayor, and by the Kyiv regional administrative court.

Reasons given? The demo would cause an obstruction - even though only 30 journalists were to attend - and the road outside Mezhyhirya is very wide and carries no through-traffic. The demo would, according to the presiding judge, apparently also violate Yanukovych's human right to a personal life, and his right to rest during his leisure time. More, including videos, here on this.

Yanukovych should look at the countless demonstrations outside the White House, 10 Downing St. etc. etc. over the years...and stop behaving like a pathetic petty tin-pot dictator..

This story will 'run and run' too..and journalists have an absolute right to keep on digging...

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