Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The face of an idiot

Party of Regions' parliamentary deputy Vladislav Lukyanov [see picture] has bragged on his facebook page how he drove the 440 km between Kyiv and Odesa in 2 hours 40 minutes - despite a blanket 110 km/hour speed limit. He even posted a photograph with the speedometer of his Audi A8 showing 241 km/hour as he was driving. 

He can do this because of he is protected from prosecution by parliamentary immunity.

What a complete and idiot... what a complete a***hole. 

Lukyanov is a high-profile politician, frequently seen in the mass media...always available for a comment - particularly to rubbish the opposition.

In a normal country his party would kick him out so fast his feet would not touch the ground following such an incident...

Could there a better example of mindless arrogant behaviour to demonstrate what kind of morons run the country..

p.s. Ukraine has one of the highest traffic-related death rates in Europe. E.g. about 5 times as many people are killed on the roads per capita per annum, than in the United Kingdom, where there is a blanket 70 miles per hour [112 km.hr] speed limit on motorways. There are, astonishingly, over 20 times as many road fatalities per 100,000 vehicles in Ukraine, that in the UK, per annum.

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