Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Will Kharkiv Accords be denounced?

Yanukovych realised long ago he was 'shafted' by Putin when he signed the Kharkiv Accords - the 2010 Ukrainian–Russian Naval Base for Natural Gas discount treaty. Ukraine continues to pay an exorbitant price for Russian gas.

There is now fresh speculation that if the Ukraine-EU Association Agreement is signed in Vilnius in November, the Kharkiv Accords could be denounced soon after, and I imagine, an new gas deal negotiated.

Much political capital would be accrued by Yanukovych by such a move.

One writer suggests that during his current brief stay at the UN, support will be offered to the president by the EU and USA on this issue.

Many 'brownie points would be gained by Yanukovych by such a riposte to Russia, but even if this story is true, the AA deal is clinched and Kharkiv accords scrapped, the Tymoshenko issue will not disappear. It will remain a major obstacle to Ukraine's further Euro-integration plans..

[Or is this story merely concocted to give Putin a poke in the eye?]

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