Monday, April 07, 2014

Disturbances in Eastern Ukraine must be sorted at local level [Updated]

The "fireworks thrown by noisy neighbours from the east" are intended to disrupt Ukraine's May 25 presidential elections. Any winner of these elections will certainly be a pro-EU, pro-western vector candidate.

If regional authorities in the country's easternmost oblasts cannot currently prevent demonstrators taking over large administration buildings, how will can they preserve calm at local polling stations and in local electoral commission headquarters?

Powerful local oligarchs must stop playing their dangerous game of remaining inactive to gain maximum leverage with any new president. They must act immediately, utilising their massive resources to stabilise the situation, otherwise the integrity of the country is at grave risk.

There are some reports alleging 'King of Donbas' Rinat Akhmetov may even be covertly supporting the separatists wreaking havoc on the streets of Donetsk.

The OSCE and other European bodies must do their utmost to enable fair, verifiable elections to take place in May.

Seasoned British journalist, suggests in a tweet today that PM David Cameron make an urgent call to number One Hyde Park...

There is good reason to believe that unrest in Donetsk is being conducted by about one thousand people only, some perhaps are 'imports' whilst others paid 'titushky' - not that many for a regional city of almost one million. Support for them amongst the local population is limited and not particularly enthusiastic - the numbers participating in the unrest has not increased significantly in recent days. Apart from disturbances in and around captured civic buildings, life proceeds as normal in the city. The timid response of law enforcement officers adds to an air of collusion and artificiality - confirmed to your blogger by eye-witnesses.

Update - Rinat Akhmetov has gone to the the occupied Oblast Administration Building to meet with separatists, declaring: "Donbas is Ukraine." I wonder what undertakings had to be given in order he enter the fray? Will he be able to keep all the assets, the utility companies, the industrial enterprises, media holdings etc. etc.  he accumulated under Yanukovych? Will his people remain embedded in state oversight committees? And what of Yanukovych Jr's and Serhiy Kurchenko's assets? Who will get first dibs? Co-incidentally Yulia Tymoshenko was in Donetsk today too...but refused to say who she met...

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