Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Klimkin explains Ukraine's position in Washington

Watch a rather dozy Foreign Minister of Ukraine speaking at today's Atlantic Council event
"Wartime Diplomacy, A Discussion with the Ukrainian Foreign Minister, Pavlo Klimkin":

[Starts about 18 minutes in]

Klimkin claimed three years ago: "Tymoshenko's trial is not a witch-hunt"...Men such as him and his colleagues at Ukraine's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, by strictly adhering to this view, by working to crush Yanukovych's greatest political opponent, caused the signing of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement to be delayed for many months...a calamity that has cost Ukraine very, very dear...

"When young democracy criminalizes political disputes, it won't long stay a democracy. See Russia, Yanik's Ukraine..."

p.s. Also this fascinating brief CNN interview with brilliant young journalist, Ben Judah about Putin's weird, saddo lifestyle..Can such an isololated man make rational decisions?

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