Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Inspector Clouseau alive and well in Ukraine?

Serhiy Hrabovskyi, in a piece entitled 'Who do they take us for?' in 'Ukrainska Pravda' lists the contradictory and bungling comments made by the 'high-ups' on the death of Yevhen Kushnaryov [several of which I mentioned in my previous posting], and contrasts these with his grandiose funeral which he compares with those of former Soviet leaders.

"Either our law-enforcement agencies, or more accurately their leadership, are incompents and their spokesmen empty-headed scandalmongers, or they are quite consciously mocking our citizens.."

"Who are these people that convert real human tragedy into a brutal farce - into a tragi-comedy. Who do they take us for, and those people who for reasons other than politics loved the deceased, and even Yevhen Petrovych Kyshnaryov himself?"

Clouseau [see photo] has been working on several cases over the last few years in Ukraine, including the poisoning of a well-known president, and a gigantic international fraud involving Turkmen gas..

p.s. Check out BBC's [unnecessarily overcooked?] documentary on the Litvinenko poisoning tomorrow [Tuesday] here .


Anonymous said...

The contradictory statements surrounding the events of K's death are REALLY excessive. It leads me to surmise that no way, was it a "hit" (as the story would have been prepped and ready, no matter how outrageous) and that it was a stupid accident involving lots of stupid behavior, alcohol, and public embarassment (or even criminal proceedings.)

The "do whatever they want and will get away with it" attitude is shown in the behavior of deputities esp. the events of Jan. 12th.

LEvko said...

I agree that the most likely cause of Kushnaryov's death was a stupid accident caused by either carelessness, drunkeness, or horseplay, or as a result of a drunken argument. His death is certainly a big loss for PoR. But there have been mutterings that he may have been earmarked as a candidate for the post of president, [with Yanuk as PM] which may not have suited some other potential candidates.

As to the events of 12th Jan and BYuT's 'betrayal' there has been some Machiavellian speculation that an early election with a good result for BYuT would benefit Yushchenko if he stood for a second presidency term. Yulka would be PM, and Yush an 'operetta president', but a president nevertheless.

Anonymous said...

Hello, My comment re: deputities behavior was in regards to PoR and how they fast tracked legislation and went against procedure and rules [no mtg re: legislation and they did not go past committees where it should have been held for three weeks (opposition bill)]. And this by the people who tout that they go by zakon in everything they do. Ha!