Saturday, January 19, 2008

Bad press for 'Regiony'

In the previous convocation of the VR, the Communist party of Ukraine [KPU] co-operated with Party of Regions and Socialists to form the Yanukovych-led Anti-Crisis coalition.

The communists obtained 27 seats in the new parliament in last Autumn's pre-term VR elections, but an interview with their leader Petro Symonenko in "Fokus" weekly exposes the wide rift that now exists between them and PoR.

Member of communist party Oleksandr Holub stated recently that the KPU was ready to sign agreement about a united opposition. Is this true?

No...The communist party cannot enter into an opposition coalition with the supporters of widening collaboration with the acting regime. The Party of Regions cannot be opposition. It was the supporter of liberalisation, reforms which are taking place in the country, it participated in agreements with the authority. In 2005, didn't Yanukovych did sign a memorandum with Yushchenko? Fact! In 2006, did he not sign the 'universal? Fact! Did he not conduct negotiations about the creation of wide coalition? Fact! Agreement on early elections – fact! What more can you say?

Why does the Party of Regions behave so peacefully in the Verkhovna Rada?

The national capital which is represented in PoR, is dependent on external factors: offshore companies, foreign banking systems and financial institutions and, naturally, the influence of Americans, who control all finances. In this situation the substantial part of PoR representatives' capital is located abroad, and it is possible in two minutes to accuse them of its unclean origin. To accuse them, and to immediately seize all these accounts. This is why they are obedient and do everything that is required of them.

More articles are appearing speculating on splits in Party of Regions. Quite astonishing, bearing in mind that the orange coalition in the VR has a cigarette-paper-thin majority of one. PoR are the largest party in parliament with 175 deputies. BYuT have 156, and NUNS 72.
Money for jam*

Rinat Akhmetov is an extremely smart and rich businessman, but perhaps not as smart as some British lawyers and solicitors who will probably earn many, many thousands of pounds for presenting, and winning, the Ukrainian billionaire's libel case against the Ukrainian news website 'Obozrevatel', in a the British High court.

'Oboz' did not contest the law suit, hardly surprising since the cost of mounting a serious defence in British civil court would have been hundreds of thousands of pounds. So, an easy 'pay-day' for Akmetov's lawyers..

A compensation hearing is to take place later this year to determine the appropriate award of damages. The total number of regular readers of 'Oboz' in Great Britain would probably fill at least all the front row seats on the upper deck of a London bus. I hope the learned judges bear this in mind.

Litigious wealthy people are often treated with suspicion too. But lawyers are unlikely to tell their clients this, are they?

*In England this means money easily earned.


UkrToday said...

Yes I have been witnessing similar manifestations. It is hard in opposition the beginning in power was the glue.

Party of regions can of course call a fresh election at any time but its timing must be right.

Ukraine is a bit election fatigued right now and it is difficult to say what the outcome would be. The constitution also places some limitations on holding fresh elections until October this year.

The "Democratic in name alone" coalition has a wafer thin majority having won less then 45% of the vote (an additional 0.14% to the Socialists would have changed the balance ad outcome).

It is difficult to know which straw will break the coalitions back. Constitutional Reform maybe? economic confidence yes.

Lytvyn is the key and Yushchenko is trying to bring them on board. Lytyn does not want fresh elections, why would he, he is in a strong negotiating position they need him more then he needs them right now.

Yushchenko's appointment of Rasiya secretary of NSC was a moral blow to Party of Regions who like every one else is also battle fatigued.

The key to any future elections is time and hope that Yulia and Our Ukraine will once again fall out. chances are high as each coalition partner is dependent on the other.`One reason why Yushchenko is pushing hard to regain some of his lost powers now rather the wait for the completion of the constitutional review. (chances there will be ongoing division as to which direction they should take - from my point of view the future clearly lies in Ukraine adopting a full parliamentary system - something I think Yulia also would prefer - Yushchenko must strike now to regain power or lose the upper-hand.

Do not expect much movement until March has passed and Yushchenko has more power and authority to wield the stick. As many speculate a broad coalition may still be on the cards.

Presidential elections in Russia out of the way, WTO membership finalized and the hype of a US presidential visit are all good ways to distract and give false impressions of moving forward.

Come spring May things may begin to change. They just need to see the winter out.

elmer said...

OK, the article you posted about Akhmetov is actually a release from a UK law firm. Akhmetov actually had at least another big law firm, Akin Gump etc also representing him.

Is he a smart businessman?

I think Oboz is smarter.

First - Akhmetov no doubt paid a HUGE sum - to get a DEFAULT judgment, as stated in the Schillings (interesting name, eh?) press release.

That's how those large law firms operate - they bill the heck out of you.

Now, at the compensation hearing, they've got to prove damages.

What was the article about? Akhmetov's youth.

What were his damages? The man is worth $15 billion, according to some reports. (There are many, many, umm, questions, shall we say, about how he acquired his wealth.)

He, Akhmetov, will spend several million dollars more for "excellent" legal work by shysters whose only interest is bilking him dry.

What will be Akhmetov's compensation? Did the article have any effect in England?

Compensation - $1.

Now go on, get outta here, Akhmetov, we love ya. Try to collect that in Ukraine.

Akhmetov is a dufus in this case - more money than brains.