Tuesday, January 01, 2008


On the cusp of the new year both Tymoshenko and Yushchenko have made confident, upbeat televised pronouncements to the nation. You would never have guessed that the new Tymoshenko-led government was voted in, after a first failed attempt just a couple of weeks ago, by "the length of a gnat's ****".

"Segodnya", in a poll, asked its site readers how long they think Tymoshenko's government will survive. About 3500 votes have been cast.

44% said until the first Spring crisis
8% said until the start of the presidential campaign (2009)
12% said until the presidential elections (2010)
14% said until the new parliament is elected (2012)
15% said until she is locked up in prison

Where the people voting for the last option indulging in wishful thinking?


Anonymous said...

Does the Segodnya poll allow for repeat voting? unfortunately some sites do allow this and it totally skews results and could explain some of the numbers.

LEvko said...

You're right - the poll is not scientific. Segodnya readers do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the general population. I posted it because, IMO the odds of the chances that the Tymshenko gov swill urvive are probably about right.

15% of its readers would like to see Tymoshenko behind bars..

PoR are a bit disorientated right now, but will regroup. There is nothing to indicate that Ukrainian politics will become more stable now than it was over the last 15 years. Splits may occur between PM and President too..