Friday, December 28, 2007

Everything changes, nothing changes

The normally BYuT-leaning 'Gazeta po Kievski', in an article today says that contrary to election promises, the new administration will increase money and perks alocated to VR deputies and ministers.

Below are portions of the article:

2008 Tymoshenko budget will "gild" [VR] deputies and Yushchenko - Cynicism of the year: privileges and wages of VIP-officials will "stretch" us for 1,6 billion hryven

The fanfares of the early elections have barely died down with their cloying promises, as Ukrainian policians cynically deceive us yet again. "One law for all,", so earnestly promised from television screens by "orange" politicians, will not be. No-one intends to abolish any privileges (especially - financial) from the deputies. Yet again this was eloquently confirmed by the proposed budget being prepared by Yulia Tymoshenko's KabMin. The document provides a multimillion INCREASE in the money provided for the maintenance of deputies, kabmin 'big-knobs', and the President and his secretariat! In the exchange - a paltry maximum several hundred kopecks increase in our pensions and wages.

It is interesting that, desiring to financially sweeten life of the establishment, lady Yu has even outdone 'Regional' ex-minister of finances Mykola Azarov, who had written the previous draft version of the 2008 budget.

The article provides lots of details of the proposed 2008 budget, and includes a table of "how the authorities' appetites have grown in a year:" 2007 budget - 1.23 Bn hryven; Azarov's projected budget for 2008 - 1.46 Bn hryven; Tymoshenko's projected budget for 2008 - 1.64 Bn hryven.

The article concludes by asking its readers if they are still awaiting the cancellation of the parliamentary immunity.

{Thanks Peter}

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DLW said...

otoh, higher salaries puts the money above the table and makes it easier for those who are not wealthy in the future to run for office...

Lets simply hope that they get to the other stuff...