Monday, December 24, 2007

Not all singing from the same hymn-sheet

Earlier today President Yushchenko appointed Raisa Bohatyryova Secretary [i.e. co-ordinating chairman] of the powerful National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine

Her appointment was confirmed on PoR's official website.

Bohatyryova, one of PoR's top bananas, is close to Rinat Akhmetov. Soon after, one of PoR's 'talking heads' Anna Herman said: “We positively appreciated this appointment. Raisa Bohatyryova is smart and reasonable person. She can do much for overcoming split of the country.” According to Herman, Bohatyryova is experienced and balanced politician. “We knew about this appointment already in the morning and are glad about it. This appointment proves once more that the President is geared up for unity of the country.”

But later in the day, Akhmetov's "Segodnya' claimed Yanukovych was hinting PoR may forbid Bohatyryova to accept the NSDC post, adding that she did not give her agreement to the appointment. The leader of PoR declared that: "We made a decision to go into opposition, and this it does not envisage our participation in the management of the state. We cannot head state institutions which will realize programs that do not coincide with our view of Ukraine's perspectives."

"Our position, our aims and our strategy do not give to us the political right to accept any part in the management of state institutions and to agree to any posts," emphasized Yanukovych. He added that the commentaries of the individual members of the party of regions are the personal opinion of those, who voiced them."

This is also carried on PoR's website.

PoR don't quite know where they are going at the moment - see my previous blog.

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