Monday, December 10, 2007

Latest on Tuesday's vote

From Akhmetov's 'Segodnya' newspaper today, an article entitled: 'Even the sick will vote for Tymoshenko's premiership'

"Politologists questioned by Segodnya are convinced that tomorrow will bring the premiership for Tymoshenko. In the opinion of Vladimir Fesenko, the entire "orange" coalition will support lady Yu. "Voting with cards is not voting in a secret ballot [as was the case when electing Yatsenyuk for speaker - then Tymoshenko checked every voting slip before they were dropped by individual deputies into the ballot box, just to make sure..]. Presence of deputies will not be compulsory for the vote. They can simply hand their cards to other representatives of the fraction for voting," explained Fesenko.

In the opinion of the political scientist Mikhail Pogrebinsky, the only thing which can stop Tymoshenko's premiership is the absence of sick VR deputies [nardepov] in the hall. "Then the oranges can attempt to put off voting by several days," says Pogrebinsky. At the same time, in the opinion of political scientist, Tymoshenko could secure the support of several persons from other fractions. For example from the Lytvyn bloc."

Lytvyn himself stated in a TV interview a couple of days ago that his bloc will not be supporting Tymshenko in her bid to be PM. 'Delo' even suggests that PoR may support Lytvyn for president in 2010.

Yekhanurov, when asked in a TV interview tonight whether NUNS would vote for Tymoshenko in an organized manner, replied in the affirmative. Yekhanurov has always been a 'broad coalition' man.

We shall see..

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