Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Tips for Arseniy

Dear Arseniy - May I offer a few suggestions to on how to conduct voting in the Verkhovna Rada later today on the critical matter of electing a new Prime Minister.

As a teacher with several years experience, I would suggest a technique I used to use called 'painting by numbers', i.e. a fool-proof step-by-step approach to completing any task by every member of my class.

The following instructions dictated clearly to voting deputies may improve chances of success:

  • Everyone who intends to vote please raise your voting card in your right hand. [Check]
  • Insert card in slot
  • Has everyone inserted their cards in the slot?
  • Check your neighbours to see that they have inserted their card in the slot correctly.
  • Hands up and shout out if you have not done this.
  • Has everyone put their cards in the slot properly?
  • If you have not, the please shout out.
  • In a moment we will be voting, so place your finger on the green button...the green button.
  • Is everyone ready to vote? Yes or No?
  • I will count down, and then everyone presses the green button - O.K?
  • 5-4-3-2-1-0 PRESS THE GREEN BUTTON!

Remember, do not let the naughty deputies who have no interest in voting at all and are intent on mischief, distract you in any way. Remember, you are in charge..

Seriously, yesterday the expressions on their faces suggested 'Regiony' were resigned to the wind is back in their sails..has the moment passed for the dembloc?

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Taras said...

You forgot to mention the idea of equipping the Rada with ejection seats. These devices might come in handy should any voting mischief occur.