Monday, December 17, 2007

Party of Regions acknowledge interference in VR voting system

In the opinion 'Regional' deputy Oleksandr Stoyan, "Political killers have combined with the electronic hackers" to prevent Yuliya T become the premier on 11th December.

Stoyan, a former Nasha Ukraina deputy, considers tomorrow's voting on Tymoshenko's candidature will produce the same result as on 11th December, and Viktor Yanukovych there will be acting premier at least until March 2008.

"My personal forecast is that tomorrow Tymoshenko will not be elected because the President himself does not want it. Some reason will arise again. We now already know, what happened on the first voting for Tymoshenko was not by chance. I would say that then political killers had combined with electronic hackers. If the President has not reconsidered his views, another version of events may be found for Tymoshenko not to accumulate sufficient votes," stated Stoyan.

The clear hint from Stoyan is that it was dirty tricks by some of those 'on the other side' that 'did in' Tymoshenko last Tuesday.

LEvko thinks Yulka T. has a dilemma. If she is elected PM tomorrow she knows that she will have to operate in almost impossible conditions with the most slender of majorities in the VR, and with some in her cabinet she would rather not be there. Concessions will constantly have to be made to lesser coalition partners and to the pres. himself, possibly even her giving up a shot for the presidency in late 2009. [In other words, dare I say it, a poisoned chalice?]

Apart from their success during the orange revolution, when she did most of the 'heavy lifting', Yushchenko and Tymoshenko seem to be incapable of sustaining a working relationship for any reasonable period.

To walk away to opposition now, when the premiership is so close..after such a long campaign would be really tough..But winners are not quitters, and quitters are not winners..

PoR also run this story.


Anonymous said...

how would this POR guy know that that's what really happened - but he does have in an interest in sowing discord between him and her.

Anonymous said...

If she quits, (without it looking as though she quit) she'll be dependent on how the actual government does which might work very well for her - her only problem will then be how much powers are left to the President by 2010. After all BYUT voted for the Cabmin Bill on the basis that she'd get to be PM.

Anonymous said...

If she REALLY truly was Iron Lady she would fight to become PM and accept any conditions under which it would become possible. Will see tom. if she really is "Iron Lady" or just posed for the cameras standing next to the real McCoy.